TC Electronic Flashback x4
TC Electronic Flashback x4

Flashback x4, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

Libertopanik 06/18/2014

TC Electronic Flashback x4 : Libertopanik's user review

«  Almost perfect!! »

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I will not go into the details of the effects, there is everything on the forum and PREV review.

I'll just give my opinion on the reason for such a purchase.

It is almost perfect already :) nothing but the TC electronic brand we have here in terms of delay as a reference 2290, the monster quality, used by our friends The Edge (U2) short anything that it sets the tone .


Easy to use in terms of having multiple delay posibilitée quality (we rule and enregitre available on a preset) on the other hand when we want to use the TonePrint is the same thing so I put a little less on the use because there is a lot of manipulation is done to integrate the desired effects (well, after several test we remember easily)
Looper for the part is simple, standart operation like most looper, the loop is Inrush we play and it stalls, good personally I think this pedal does not need looper but hey it helps the need to have.
Another negative point, it is very impressive in the pedalboard, it'll be interesting to eased possibilities such as looper and reduce the size because posibiltée 4 simultaneous effects available to walk a bit by reducing the size will have been great.


I find fabulous delay, he filled it with the possibilities of TonePrints a slight delay plate has a profound delay is huge Verily I am impressed by the diversitée of delay we get, I do not think there was much possibilté and difference.


So to make an overall opinion, I think this pedal is amazing in terms of sound quality by against price may be high on the occasion located in a more reasonable price.
A mix between flashbach 1 and 4X and it's heaven.