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TC Electronic Flashback x4
TC Electronic Flashback x4
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Megajp Megajp

«  Reference pedal. »

Publié le 08/12/14 à 06:54
Fifteen different delay, input / output stereo 6.35mm jack, and can put an expression pedal, works with a standard 9V battery or power supply on 3 memorized settings under foot, tap tempo, very big button setting (time / feedback / level), a rugged metal case there are any available quickly and without programming or need to look in the doc. This architecture seems to refer to all manufacturers, TC Electronic has added a few niceties for pickier, repeating the black / eighth / triplet, a looper and a preset editing via USB or via a cellulaire.L gear is tru -bypass, pledge of silence in our chain effet.Il lacks nothing is perfect and corresponds to that expected a guitarist today.


Using trivial, we chose a type of delay, the tempo by hand or foot rule is, we choose the number of repeats, the level of effect desired, and stored with the foot ... it's simple, effective The large buttons help us both on stage and the race potentiometers allow precise adjustments. We can handle everything with his feet if you're careful. The looper is a little less convenient but not bought the flashback to celeui it.


The sound quality is the rendezvous. The effects are clear, clear, no breath, the pedal is quickly forgotten. Next atmospheres be appreciated
-the surgical precision of 2290 (Police, U2 to name a few)
-the warmth of analog tape delays tube-analog (Pink Floyd)
Dynamic -the handy that is forgotten when the quiet game
-the Fun Lo-Fi or reverse
-the reverb side of space.
-the slap back so rockabily
For Analog and 2290, a typical modulation chorus is added and handy for solos.
STILL remains the tone print (preset downloadable and editable via a computer) to more personal sound ...
The sound is just perfect, this pedal is a reference, we expected no less of a manufacturer who makes himself with his 2290 reference for thirty years.


I use it for a year, I am a heavy delay, I put almost all the time on my guitar, it's my favorite effect! Here it's said, I'm addicted and I can heal myself pas.J'en tried a packet of Boss DD2, DL-6 (cold, precise, beefy) the big green line6, which inspired the Flashback X4 let us say bluntly, the horny MXR Carbon Copy (my favorite is-said-in-passing), the Ibanez AD9 rockabileuse and incredible Catalinabread (replicas of Binsons echoplex and dear to David Gilmour and Jimmy Page) etc ... Frankly all these other pedals are good in their field, the FlashbackX4 tend to unite in a single package with great accessibility. I particularly appreciate the large buttons and the size of the pedal again or we will soon live to basics and a glance you see what is going not.The price / quality ratio is very good since fifteen pedals are met for the price of une.A no time have I regretted my purchase and I am even planning to build a more compact pedalboard dedicated to the stage with the new "mini Flash Back" .In finding I will say this is the new benchmark in the market, in terms of ergonomics and sound. Can be found for less at MXR or BOSS, sharper sound with Strymon or Catalinbread, benefit adjustments at Eventide etc ... but the majority of guitarists who-don't-want-not-to-take-the-head choose Flashback!