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MountAnDewMe 01/15/2013

Amt Electronics Tube Platinum : MountAnDewMe's user review

« great mid gain distortion »

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This is what I consider to be a middle of the road gain distortion. It is an all analog pedal that employes a tube in the pre-amp section and and analog cab simulator before the output. It has one quarter inch in and one quarter inch out and must be powered by a 9 volt AC adapter, there is no battery option. The controls are simply laid out as level, high, low, and gain. The controls offer a afir deal of interaction so various tones are achievable.


I do not know if the manual was every even made for the unit as my package only contained a card stating the power requirements. The unit is very self explanitory so there was no real need for any additional information but it is always nice to get some literature with a purchace. This unit is very easy to set up and use as long as you are working in its sweet spot. I find that this pedal works more along the lines of a pre-amp than a distortion but is useable in front of a clean channel or into the return of an effects loop. Once you become familiar with the output capabilities of the unit it is fairly simple to dial in a good sound. It actually is harder to mess up your tone than to achieve one of many good tones this pedal can produce.


This unit is primaraly designed for use with guitar but it can offer a warm characteristic to a bass as well because of its easy going gain structure. If you are looking for a warm smooth gain structure this pedal will be right up your alley. It ranges from a warm clean all the way up to a straight Marshall 800 amount of gain but without as much roar. The pedal is generally quiet when engaged and has a minimal amout of noise even when the gain is maxed. Personally I enjoy this pedal when I play older classic rock in the Pink Floyd genre. I find it much more useful then other overdrive and distorion pedal to add that warm sustain where the gain seems to be almost clean in nature.


While this pedal sees limited use by me I would also consider it a valuable addition to my rig. I own many pre amps, distortions, and overdrives that all have a nice use but this one dominates inits area of low to mid gain smoothness. I really enjoy its ease of use because it really is difficult to screw up its sound. The only down side I have about this pedal is the fact that it only has the emulated output. A switch or a second output would have made a lot of sense but since it does sound good I guess it's just a curiosity of mine. For the price I am very happy with the value of it. If I paid the original price I might not have taken the chance on it but I would replace it now that I am familiar with its usefulness in my setup. I am always adding gear in and out of my system so small purchaces like this usually do not get too many side by side comparisons. This also had to be ordered sight unseen trusting sound clips that we all know to well can be deceiving at times. Bottom line is if you like or need a low gain, warm natured distortion try and pick one up for yourself.