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kurtophil 01/14/2008

Amt Electronics Tube Platinum : kurtophil's user review


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Tube distortion pedal AX7. Two jacks and power. No battery slot.


There's no longer as easy to use pedal. knob the level of low, high and of knob of distortion.
The knob MEET really are accurate, it has the ability to edit many different sound.


Let's go into the subject's life. Thanks to its lamp, pedal gives you a non-negligible heat. Plugged into my Fender 212R transistor, it's really terrible. This is also I think his ultimate goal (a transistor amp warm up) and it does its job. I use it with a mustang with DiMarzio tonezone s bridge. And when you plug it all is the big slap. By ignoring one would really be plugged into a good big head lamps. The minutes of the warm, precise, delicious. It's really a very good pedal. I'm a fan of nirvana. And to be honest, this distortion pedal with a fender mustang + background, it's live and loud all over gain. I think it is appropriate for any type of sound from pop rock to the hardcore, grunge, punk rock, heavy ... But be careful I not recommended for the hardcore stuff like heavy metal or something. For everything else against this pedal is great.


I use it for two weeks, and Jaime really all or most of this pedal. Only small inconvenian for me knob may be a sensitive chouilla tro.
But otherwise everything is nickel. We really know or are spending our € 190.
I choose to recess referrer