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Enzomadcap 08/20/2007

Amt Electronics Tube Platinum : Enzomadcap's user review


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- Distortion pedals intgrant lamp type 12AX7 Russian military (at least that's what UL listing).
- Connectors Jacks classic IN / OUT as usual '...
- No power supply battery, 9V transformer only (comes with)
- 4 rglage of knobs: Volume, Treble, Bass, Gain distortion. I regret the lack adjustment that would definitely Middle t more ..
- Simu amp Intgr allowing direct (frankly not great by itself, see below ..)
- Solid case, I have not tried to run against a wall or let go of the fifth, but seems to be really tough, built for last .. (better, with a lamp intgre. ..)


Not too many knobs, so config could not be more simple, no manual in the box elsewhere, unless that piece of paper while Russia is not a guaranteed ??...

I give more details below, but I think the pedals is especially good for "booster" and "Global Warming" your gear is less with the lamp ... even if you stay away from any real amp lamp.

Connects between the guitar and the amp or the effects loop of my pdalier, it fills that role perfectly for me. I can not tell you if the bypass is a True Bypass, but I did not not change its rsidu or other sound when the pedals is disabled. The switch also seems sturdy as mentioned above for all of the pedals, the production seems to be of good quality and there is no "plop" when the switch is engaged.


I tried to find a grain close to saturation has a large lamp, while remaining versatile, my musical tastes from heavy rock / metal of the 70s to modern low-tunning like Slipknot ...

My first impression was immediately clear that this does PDAL behaves better as "an addition" to other stuff:

I plugged into a crappy little transistor combo I have at home, by combining the crunch of the amp with distortion pedals of a lamp, and changes everything! a is not the Marshall all-tube that I had for years in France, much less the friend of my Mesa Dual or any other all-tube amp (do not expect a miracle!), but a good alternative when you have a limited budget and you want to add a grain to the best of his amp distortion ...

Then I plugged into the loop of my GT8, and tried different configs before / after the simulation of pramp, cutting the pramp, by combining a distortion of the other GT8 .. . my conclusion (for now) is that by using a simulation with a gain of pramp the limit of the crunch, the Tube Platinum boosts a wonderful sound, and I found one closer to the natural grain which j'tait regulars on an all-tube amp (even if a is not yet clear "as true." The Tube Platinum color adds a crunch and a gain in the simulation of pramp, which gives me this grain research ...
A good thing to add to a GT8 or other pdalier So, for those who are not fully satisfied with distos it offers.

Another thing I noticed that the sound Bonnifait after a while of use, probably for as long as the lamp heats like on a real tube amp ...

on the other hand, AMT pedals that boasts a "speaker simulator" which allows the Intgr plug directly into a mixer or sound card ... well frankly, even if the sound is in indeed not "fuzzy" and one feels a certain "nettetquot, thanks to this simulation, I think that is the minimum equalizer to add a direct, or at best a pdalier as explained above, because rglages treble / bass seem too lightweight for tural nuances (again, I regret the lack of rglage the Middle), and I think this behaves the pedals best when used as a "boost" rather than alone ...


DEFINITIONS In, I think this is a good grain PDAL warm prcis (on my stuff anyway), not messy or "mcanique" like other pedals, the rglage gain saturation ranging from a lightweight has a big sound, all remaining still quite typical modern if you want a much more "vintage" may be it is better to move towards other vox pedals like a lamp ...

It seems to me really prfrable use with the crunch / overdrive the amp for a big sound and give the characteristic color of the lamp, I do not think the pedals are enough to itself ... However, by adjusting the saturation of the amp / pedal and that of the pedals, I could get a lot of DIFFERENT sounds quite warm and Satus corresponding to what I was looking for. ..

Moral: I do not regret my purchase, even if a more prolonged and in different situations will give me wrong or right, but at first view, this corresponds to my expectations pedals and "boost" my stuff just as I had imagined ...