Behringer Distortion-X XD300
Behringer Distortion-X XD300

Distortion-X XD300, Distortion from Behringer.

SlapKid 05/26/2011

Behringer Distortion-X XD300 : SlapKid's user review

«  It moves hairy! »

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That is, purchased with her sisters and HD300 WD300 and VT999 (the benefit of affordable prices!) Here about a month.
Very different from the others in terms of sound, like Pan in g. ..

Level for the output volume, therefore, is like the outline wd300 is no way to act only on the treble. Which are widely represented ...
Punch is added midrange output and the rate of saturax dist.

Dazzling blue LED, lézieu attention and silent switch works every time. Its correct bypass.


Using not too simple, I outline Me-punch to eleven hours to better balance, but I do not play dark metal and company.

Disto moderate rate, curiously, I'm all (the equivalent of eleven o'clock wd300 level gain).

The craft has a sacred punch beside her sisters are totally forgotten.


Big presence, big punch, therefore, not easy to manage if you alternate with clear sound or other distortion.
on the other hand if you set your amp clean according to the XD300 you get a fabulous sound for everything related to metal, with much more conviction than his sister or most other distos I tested.

The grain is fine and basic music, this pedal will soon level sound, sacred accelerations!

The enthusiasm of the XD300 is somewhat reminiscent of the grunge digitech sound level of sound.

I was not expecting that at all, it's a very nice surprise.


The problem I have is that it refers to other illico cloakroom, and the light will miss his presence so I want everything. So I tend to use only sound, but a sacred place!
Exclusive ...

I am surprised at the quality of its proposed by my hd-wd-xd 300, and their differences. As for the fare, you laugh ...

In short it's a great pedal, a sacred lady domina need to know.
On your knees!