Behringer Ultra Metal UM300
Behringer Ultra Metal UM300

Ultra Metal UM300, Distortion from Behringer.

CautionHot 12/21/2009

Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 : CautionHot's user review


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Distortion pedal made by the giant Chinese Behringer ...

The pros:

* Eq '4 bands (Treb, Bass, Mid, Mid Freq')
* Price
The -:

Blast *
* A plastic pedal (although for the price, we would try not to be picky)
* False Bypass


This is where it gets interesting.
Usage is very simple and is very intuitive, although it must be careful to treble that, too pronounced, are particularly loud ..
It quickly found its mark with this pedal and after a few minutes of searching, we can easily find its proper (It approaches the sound of old ... But not too =)).
With Mid Freq, easily adjustable, it can easily last a sound "Panthérien" to his "Maidenien" which, with a bit of reverb, can give his typed Shred and other fantasy.


Issued by the sounds this pedal are relatively correct .. but not enough to just point a fan of his "Marshall" .. Although if you buy this pedal is that you're always a beginner and you want to send the dough without ruin you ..
The sound is a little rough on Boss MT2, but not unpleasant for the cause ...
Aside from that, there is the breath.
When you push a little gain, the breath appears.
But overall I would say it's pretty good deal since the plastic shell ..

NB: I tried this pedal with my bass pedal .. and behaves very well.
By pushing the gain and putting the Mid and Mid Freq has zero, I approach the sound of "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica ..


I use this pedal for 4 years already .. So I think I have gone around the issue.
The sounds are not too ugly to my taste ..
The quality / price is exellent, faithful to the reputation of Behringer
I do not do it again maybe not this election, because of competition from low cost pedals became large (Fame, Harley Benton, ..)
and there may be ways to find better (especially the pedals Fame, equipped with true bypass)

Note: Depending on the guitar (or bass) used, the pedal react differently!