Behringer Ultra Metal UM300
Behringer Ultra Metal UM300

Ultra Metal UM300, Distortion from Behringer.

eloipo 02/25/2008

Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 : eloipo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Analog distortion pedal
6 knobs:
-1 "Dist." for the level of distortion
-4 For the equalizer: high, mid and mid level, low.
-1 "Level" for the output level.


The overall use is very simple, it's no problem.
Good access to the battery is a bit boring, but hey it's not a drama not knowing that for 2 months that I use on average half an hour a day and it's always the battery beginning ...
The manual ... there is no need, except for the location of the battery!


So, with this pedal, and with the equalizer, we can obtain a large enough range of sounds, the distortion that pete ears with a lot of treble, distortion j'usqua greasy, dark, through the very punchy distortion, with a lot of medium ...
But against his major problem: BLAST! As soon as one exceeds half the level of distortion, we get a beautiful "fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ..." of breath, what! quite annoying so 7


I use it for Christmas cad for 2 months.
The quality I like most: the number of different sounds possible
The one I like least: HIS BREATH!
This is my first distortion pedal.
I find excellent value for 28 euros in Thotho was a distortion pedal more than helpful ...
If I had a bigger budget, I would take a Boss, a metal distortion, a metal zone, or a metal core ...