Behringer Ultra Metal UM300
Behringer Ultra Metal UM300

Ultra Metal UM300, Distortion from Behringer.


Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
What are the effects or types of effects available?
- A distortion knob
- Level of a knob
- A 4-band qualizer:
high, middle, low and middle frequency.

What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...)
The technology used is analog.

What is the connection?
The pedals are connected by a jack effect.


The use of the pedals is very simple, there is no problem at this level.

The edition of sounds and effects are very easy, the knobs ragissent the least caress, trs is enjoyable, especially since it's rare for the pedals this price range.

We do not provide us with this manual pedals, go to the download site behringer. Knowing that you need the manual just to know how to open the battery compartment, I think it's a good point from behringer not to put this paper do the ECONOMY.


The effects are plutt effective, it has nothing like a metalcore metalzone or BOSS, even when it's still good.

I use this with an Epiphone G400 PDAL Wron brown and vintage amps ibanez tbx15r, and I guarantee you that it gives its really mtal, After a few rglages course, I can not believe I can even make it sound like my guitar has, it is surprising.

The thing I prfre this PDAL is qualizer 4 band is really good quality.
I do not dtest effects included in my ultra metal.


I use it for about 2 days. And I'm around a lot of cool rglages in distortion.

What I like most, as I said above, it is his qualizer 4 bands.
There are two things I dislike in the pedals, Premire it is plastic, even if it is still strong even, second I had a problem with bug the pedals, she crashed into distortion with a horrible sound, it opened the pedals leaving open on the table and lose the spring that puts pressure on the pedals, and thus go without appears that the pedals work perfectly, the spring is too big for the pedals, it crashed because of electrical son.

Before this acqurir I tried a few Boss pedals like mtalzone, but due to budget price that I l.

Despite the small BMOL mentioned above, this is an excellent pedals qualitprix.

With the exprience I would do without this choice because as hsiter Premire of pedals distorion you do not need more.