Boss DS-1 Distortion
Boss DS-1 Distortion

DS-1 Distortion, Distortion from Boss.

Tonyoh 06/03/2005

Boss DS-1 Distortion : Tonyoh's user review


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So a good distortion pedal, a very strong analog and what I read. There is an input and an output jack for more than one entry for the power supply. 3 buttons


Then very simple: there is a button Tone, Drive and Level one.
If you turn right over the sound spit while if you turn the Tone and Drive to the left is the sound of a raproche Overdrive.
He has a Level knob which I think is not powerful enough, because when you go from Clean to the sound is nearly saturated lower than the clean ... So for arrengements it must have the Level at tjs maximum, having the tones of his guitar up and volume down his guitar and well put the volume loud enough.
You can put a 9V battery but I use an ac power supply tjs. They scored BOSS PSA ADAPTOR ONLY but with a power supply of Brico all is well!


While the sound is great! If you can not find enough Polivalente just juggle the distortion and equalizer and you can get the distortion Grunge, Metal, Heavy, Rock and old Rock.

Well I use it with a crappy guitar (Stagg with 2 humbucker) and a Bogey amp.

Really when added to a multi mean effect sound is great


I use it for a year and I added to my multi effects (Korg) and is one of the best distortion I've heard, only one should be able to put it a little harder!!
It's funny orange ^ ^ see quite ugly: p VERY strong! I buy in a store in Germany € 20 ^ ^ home button level was set in place of Tone and we screwed up a button on the Level con but it works great! I have the Made in Taiwan but I think Japan is better so if you want a good distortion is the one!