Boss DS-1 Distortion
Boss DS-1 Distortion

DS-1 Distortion, Distortion from Boss.

Lulle 01/23/2005

Boss DS-1 Distortion : Lulle's user review


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Distortion TElement not push, no exaggeration, we can be disappointed because the word caliph Distortion does not really sound of the pedal. Personally I think Advent to play with what made her a more contoured and more fat with more distortion.


3 pots, use is very simple and basic sound quickly found suitable


If you play on a transistor amp, the pedal too much color the amp and it's a shame, if you push it all thoroughly to feel the distortion is more real.
I put "1" for a beginner because it can be fun to play but after playing with it very vitte Lassan ...


Personally I do not recommend buying the DS1 Taiwan, the Japanese offer a meuilleur Sound Quality. The pedal may be suitable for a beginner but personally I strongly advice saved a bit more money and a Achte DS2 which is slightly better now thanks to its its most versatile.
The ultimate is when the same BD2 that develops a sound that kills. Obviously it would be inappropriate to a metal as the sound of the Blues but raproche calitée is really superior to DS1, DS2 ...