Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion
Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion

DS-2 TURBO Distortion, Distortion from Boss.

emish 09/08/2007

Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion : emish's user review


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Simple see below is a ds1 plus a turbo mode


Trs simple as: tone, distortion, and turbo level I / II


Surprised! I thought finding a DS1 (which I love) with more bite and attack. I stayed on my hunger. The sound is far too cozy with the same tonality as possible. Turbo Mode II, however, is effective and trs pedals gives more bite but it's still has the mtal ... It's pretty east Grunge I think, for the Nirvana is the IDAL!


The tuft of his hat and the pedals and nothing more. For the price I deprecated.