Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion
Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion

DS-2 TURBO Distortion, Distortion from Boss.

pmlouise 04/14/2007

Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion : pmlouise's user review


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This a distortion analog read the rest for accuracy.
It's a Boss pedal format, it can be said to be pa especially pretty.
Four pots, with three classics: level, tone and drive and a turbo mode which allows for a fuzz.


The configuration is as simple as on most pedals.
The pots are a little raprochés can easily disrupt another button by touching the first.
Manuel? What for?


The pedal goes from crunch to the little fuzz in turbo mode.
But I find that the sound has no personality, she has a very cold again I find worse than a ds-1.
Turbo Mode I liked.
I used especially in crunch mode and turbo for solos.


I got it for about two months then I bought an Ibanez TS-9 suited me better now. This pedal does what is asked of him but no more.
The value for money is pretty average I think.
Take a ds-1 that sells for a pittance in OCCAZ with better sound.