Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion
Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion

DS-2 TURBO Distortion, Distortion from Boss.

devastator 02/17/2007

Boss DS-2 TURBO Distortion : devastator's user review


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Of distortion pedals
1 vol, 1 tone, 1 gain 1 + turbo mode selector lmode or "normal"

I put 8 at this point because it is not easy, but we would prefer a little EQ has two knob in place of the tone.


Very simple, another cot is one of distortion pedals over home boss. no one who understands how to rule a boss must think he has to convert musically lol


The distortion is itself:
I have trouble with the volume knob I had to change, so I did not use it for a while. Meanwhile, I buy a tube amp and a fuzz factory
I rebrache and I dcus: the sound has auncune dynamics, setting limits distortion is nothing. The tone works a lot, has a background Drot and gain a background on the turbo was an imitation of an imitation but really fuzz.
The turbo does not add distortion mias medieum and more volume.

Personally I have a little change mine DNAS kind of Keeley (not rocket science and terrible masi it delivers more gain and distortion is a little change, masi ca does not make a good disto autun to Autun.

It dominates the field or is the crunch and as for the boost mode Staur the dchire it all (but atention to the background noise).


This is the first pedals I buy and it has served me well and continues to serve me a lot. But this is not the absolute distortion pedals of the loins. It fulfills its role ie a distortion that sends and personality but without much interest.
Rather perfer a big muff, or the marshall pedals, or jack and hide.
Contrary to what I could read it a 100% analog pedals.
It is suitable for small potefeuilles and even a big muff it's cheaper!