Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

MT-2 Metal Zone, Distortion from Boss.

archtop 06/13/2005

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone : archtop's user review

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It's an analog distortion pedals of hi-gain with six rglages:
level, distortion, low, mid, mid freq, high.
The eq is Settings, I know only have a disto is powerful but trsdlicat rgler.

Not a distortion eager for beginners, you have to tame it.


10 years that I have, I think j'dite APRS reading ceussent who can not use it and dare to go.

It is a distortion in the superlative, too much of everything: too many levels, too low, too much mids, too much treble, too many harmonics.

The pedals of the potential for all of dgueuler cots. A knob can totally screw up too tourn sound and move to the divine daubesque.

Did not find the sound with the MT2? pass anything but grace does not your dfaussez incapacit the master on the back of this monster, you do not just MRIT.


The Metal Zone is a guitar effect with destiny mtal (then!) It was his thing and moreover it is described above.

We can get a lot of bass, mdiums, mdiums dig, make them more singing (in a style mtal, we agree eh!), Screaming high notes or dyed.

Who will pass the time ncessaire rgler the pedals (and the amp branch on which it is) there is something to the top.

The dynamic is staggering, the palm mute is cavernous, the power chords tear everything in their path, the riffs of hardened steel.

To avoid the DLIR, let's be clear (ah ah): Avoid for blues, rock, 50s, classical guitar or Curl your synth.


10 I use it and it's always the same pleasure to so much power.
Boss's happened since 1991, how many other models of legends have stoppages since t (HM2, HM3, MZ2, XT2 ...), but not the MT2.

I have other less distos mtal rocks, but the MT2 is a grain.

This is the densest, most aggressive, the sharper, the heavier it is a wall of sound alone.

Me? never without my MT-2!