Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O

DO-1 Daddy O, Distortion from Danelectro.

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MGR/C.C.P. 12/14/2001

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O : MGR/C.C.P.'s user review

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I bought this pedal from my uncle for $30 around february of 2000.

I abslutely adore this pedal. First, it's rock solid. The case isn't made out of that puny kind of aluminum that others are made of. Considering I am a very active player when I play live, I NEED strong gear like this. Secondly, the tone is great for most genres of music, but it specializes in scooped mid heavy metal work. It makes bad amps sound great! I play speed/death metal at the fastest speeds possible, and the tone stays defined even with the mid scooped and everything else maxxed out.Finally, a lot of people automatically dismiss it because of its retro 50's design, but who cares! The only thing you should look for when judging a pedal is tone, baby!The tone is comparable(not better than, however)to the overdrives from fulltone, the best pedal company on earth!

The knobs are a bit small, but that shouldn't stop you from buying one.

As I said earlier, it will NEVER break!

The tone is great, the case is great, the prices on them arent bad at all if you look really well. Usually, when they're brand new, they cost around $60-$70.

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