Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O
Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O

DO-1 Daddy O, Distortion from Danelectro.

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MGR/Lee, Oz. 10/03/2003

Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O : MGR/Lee, Oz.'s user review

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I got this one second hand at a local guitar shop for about $100 AUD.

This pedal is a good one if you want something that produces a smooth and classic sort of distortion sound. It's good how the level of overdrive can be pulled right back, so it can be used just to give some crunch, without being too distorted.
Three EQ controls (Treb,Mid,Bass) is excellent because it gives you a lot more controlthan just a tone knob. The sound from the Daddy-O can be quite 'middy' so it's helpful in that way too.
I find that the Daddy-O keeps the original feel and sound of the guitar, unlike other distortion units which sound like its taken your signal and processed it into something else.
The Danelectro classic styling is also a cool feature.

Don't buy this one for a really 'modern' sound, its much better for a retro feel. I've tried studio recording with it but it just doesn't have the quality to be a top level pedal.
Better to use at home and small gigs.

Generally the Danelectro's are solid and look good. Their one flaw is the switches- these can tend to have problems, as I've found with my Danelectro tuner.

The Daddy-O is good fun at a pretty good price. It is a lot better than other pedals I've used in this price range- the sound is far more 'real' with much more body and tone. It can be pulled right back which is really important, which makes it very useable. The sound is fairly 'genre-specific'(classic/retro), however, but if this is your style, you'll probably like it.

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