DOD FX69 Grunge
DOD FX69 Grunge
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tiep 03/16/2005

DOD FX69 Grunge : tiep's user review


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Distortion pedals filthy analogue
connecitque jack ...
it is pretty plotot I think ..


Nothing more simple: a drive, an acute, serious and volume
Tone of the knobs are effective trs, trs and interactive
So it will go fine with trs rglages
trs a positive point: the location of the battery, the rear derrire potentiomtres, with a nice little trap


Warf, then the the quality I would say that gouts of adpend ...
sounds a little natural, with a grain serrbr trs /> so I would say that I like very much as one-off effect, for one of its kind Billy Corgan live
it's pretty dirty and saturates really not bad, much more than a Boss ds1
Now, as the amp adpend
I play on a classic 30 (all lamps), and passing some time on rglages, is not bad at all
can also have a sound enough garage, or even a sound fuzz trs kind of good quality big muff, but also saturbr /> what I love is with some delay (or even not bad!), with a bottom and drive the treble and the bass was about 14h, it was a sound that dchire compltement, gender Lucassen live on Star One during his solo
In any case, the addition of delay makes the trs clean, and I must say it's pretty deadly


I use it for a while and I'm very satisfied
of course, I do not guarantee that a ring on a transistor amp, but my all-loupiotte is really gnial
I tried a lot of other models (and I possde a little too), and the only one that sounds like a (indeed, there is no equivalent. ....)
Then, buy 30 with our friends the Germans, do not hsiter long
Obviously I would do well this election