DOD FX69 Grunge
DOD FX69 Grunge
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Anarchino 05/10/2004

DOD FX69 Grunge : Anarchino's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It looks like a distortion pedal to Analogik boti purple (no, pa the song Hole ...).... input and output jack (yeah fo ben kan even scratching his branch before turn!)? an outlet on a ct and a battery cage on top ......... Voil


Knob from left to right:
Loud: Used to adjust the output volume.
Low: serves to adjust the low
High: used to adjust the high frequencies
Grunge: c rather then the spcial ..... In fact, this knob is used to assay the "grunge Grézillé" k'engendre this pdale.Sur 3 / 3 you + ke iu the grunge sound Garage ka koi then 1 / 3 c + 1peu audible ......


If seeing the dirty grunge well drooling a well will do it for you! srieusement the pedals for me is destiny environments or underground punk + + dirty sound is the group of Notore. This is my effect pedals Premire k'j'utilizai rpt with my band in Tasma (Bdarieux) May I never used it in concert because I opt for a Zoom and then for the distortion of my Marshall amp (by the way the crunch amp propoz by c approximates much of his dear Kurt +). Depui and I lost the pedals ... or we ml vol!
Kan I Utilize c't with my Ibanez GR70.


A good value trs qualitprix: kan kon you are young and it was the guitar beginners pa forcment lot of money put in gear and the DOD can easely iron affair!
But over time it will quickly become useless if a hand pushes a rglages for his "personal "........
Bye bye ..