Ibanez CM5 Classic Metal
Ibanez CM5 Classic Metal

CM5 Classic Metal, Distortion from Ibanez in the SoundTank series.

SlapKid 03/20/2010

Ibanez CM5 Classic Metal : SlapKid's user review


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Disto simple, the tone is not a hi-cut but more a spectrum, very versatile whatever scratches used, great.
The rate ranges from bluesy to hard rock, and very low residual noise.
The switch as always with Ibanez is not absolutely reliable, good until we finally leave it on while bathing.


Ultra simple, once captured its limits.


I was surprised, it's not really metal, but ideal for Yngwie! Solo therefore, notes coated and slightly slimy, very nice. I have a zero gain delicious crunch, I was not expecting it.

Playing metal is not top, especially rhythmic power-chords, but hey it's not great for the guitarist either, as the next stage: learner's solo!
And there is really nice as rendered fairly flexible and you can hear very well what you do ...

The low residual noise can be used with a strat without becoming crazy, and with the model of the Swedish master's superb realism. Because the signature YJM has an output level very very low, need to know.

So (neo) classic metal ...


I love this machine, it offers a unique color from my toy guitar. Ebay for 15 euros it paid the absolute top eh.

The other series, and trashmetal PowerLeader are very different, Ibanez does not sell us three times the same ...

In short if you are solo you will love!