Ibanez DS10 Distortion Charger
Ibanez DS10 Distortion Charger

DS10 Distortion Charger, Distortion from Ibanez in the 10 series.

DoWn 04/13/2013

Ibanez DS10 Distortion Charger : DoWn's user review

«  Chance encounter .. and profitable »

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Given that there is already a notice summarizing the features of the machine, I am a little exception to the rule, I'll tell my life:

The other day I passed a large sign concealment, uh materials used.

I saw a pedal TS10 tube screamer, green tube screamer as I know (namely TS9 and TS808) but the ibanez brand. € 29, I think "hum a dirty copy Chinese tube screamer, they are not ch .. they even took the name." I still tried my way home. ERROR, I did not know the "Series 10" ibanez! If you look closely, the name is engraved in the svitch, but black on black, not easy to see ....
Once back from my mistake, I went to the sign, but was sold TS10 (yeah, obviously ...). Instead, there was this distortion load is 19 € (!). Now the fact that this series pedal is excellent workmanship, and I hop tests, it is packaged weighed.

Then it is a distortion pedal / enhacer with 5 settings:

distortion / level / bass / high (on a classic distortion) + the level of enhacer.

that is active only when the distortion is engaged when using output A, the clear and distortion when using the output B.

So there is 1 input and 2 outputs + a plug for an external power supply.

it's all obviously seen analog age (26 years, mine seems to be 1987)


The config is pretty simple, just be aware of the use of two outputs.

The manual (found on the net) is quite clear.


The sound output is excellent quality, the distortion is good, does not bleed, but this is clearly not the ultra violence of death that kills.

It's really nice, though the TS9 style, we recognize the sound Ibanez.

The breath is very moderate, if not downright absent.


I've had some time, but I can not do without. I tried a lot of distortion and this one has something extra.

What I like: the rarity of the beast, the price level with the carpet, the sound, the possibilities offered by the original enhacer.

what I like least: the look, very 80s, it's a little cheap, you'd plastoc the box, but shit, it is big in good metal, solid

If I would have a choice? a million times YES!