Ibanez DS10 Distortion Charger
Ibanez DS10 Distortion Charger

DS10 Distortion Charger, Distortion from Ibanez in the 10 series.

Basstyra 11/18/2006

Ibanez DS10 Distortion Charger : Basstyra's user review


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It is a distortion, the distortion "standard" 10 The series of Ibanez.

Rglages for gain, volume, a two-band EQ, classical, whatever. Enhance a rglage more, see below for explanation)

In, 2 Out, switch on / off, LED, powered by Boss style power supply (9v center ngatif 2.1mm) or 9v battery.


This distortion possde an interesting particularity: a circuit that adds a light on the distortion, adding attack prsence, precision. The clear sound through an enhancer, which refines, making it more slamming, softer or more rounded, as rglages.

The PDAL has two outputs, a "normal" and one that puts the sound enhancer, in bypass. Thus, there is a choice between two modes of operation, the select switch to choose from:

Bypass * <=> Disto + Enhancer
* Enhancer <=> Disto + Enhancer

The second mode is hell on an amp a little feeble: in other words it adds something srieux sound, and the Difference between distortion and clean sound distortion is less violent and does not require EQ especially on the amp. I use such a small 15w amp, a little weak, it makes wonders. On an amp more seriousness, the normal mode is sufficient.


When the sound of the distortion, it is fairly standard, like Boss DS-1 (but diffrent), with more range and gain a more prcis EQ. It can in particular serve as clean boost, a bit of overdrive, distortion or big rock mtal even if you want. Trs is versatile, yet simple to use.


This is not the ultimate distortion, away from l. As a DS-1 or Rat, some will like, others not, some find it gnial and others find it invalid.

But it's still a quality of pedals is called Maxon, l (the Tube Screamer ca you say something? Bah is the same manufacturer), no Berhinger ...

As always, the notes are completely subjective and without tural significance.