ProCo Sound RAT 2
ProCo Sound RAT 2

RAT 2, Distortion from ProCo Sound.

songboy 09/02/2011

ProCo Sound RAT 2 : songboy's user review

"Gritty and in your face"

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This is Distortion/Fuzz style effects pedal. There are only audio and power hookups, no midi, usb or other type of connections. This is an analog pedal. The only audio connections available are a 1/4" input and output.


There are only three knobs on this pedal for manipulating your sound, Distortion, Filter, and Volume, so yes, I would say that is pretty simple. Setting up this pedal is a breeze if you have two standard guitar cables and either the power supply (mine has a male power supply tip as opposed to the standard female) or a 9 volt battery. I have never seen or desired to see a manual as this is a very easy to understand effects unit.


I use this pedal with just about everything. I now run my guitar effects chain in my aux channel on my mixer. This way I can run all my instruments/samples/ and whatever else into the effects. I particularly love this pedal for Synthesizers. I also use it for Guitar (of course), Rhodes, Clav, and also on plain old audio tracks to give them some nasty grit. I also really like it on vocals too.


What I like most about this pedal is it is relatively versatile. I have friends who actually use this in there Jazz band guitar rigs. They sweep a lot of frequencies out via the "Filter" knob and get a pretty nice warm tone reminiscent of Wes Montgomery. I personally use it more for the "Screaming" distortion aspects which this pedal is wonderful for. Again, I love it on Synthesizers and my Vocals too. It's a bright enough (when dialed in to be so) distortion that when used even heavily, won't mud up your sound beyond recognition. The only thing I can see being a hassle is the strange male power supply tip. Luckily I have a VooDoo Lab Pedal Power 2 which came with a male tip adapter. So thankfully I don't have to go to Radioshack and dump $25 + on a new one. The sound quality in this pedal can range from smooth distortion to screaming fuzz/hiss. I love it. I have used a lot of distortion pedals including Ibanez Tube king, Damage Control's Distortion and Ibanez TS9. I use both the TS9 and this together to get some excellent distortion tone. I got this unit for a really good price ($50), if I find another at that price, I will buy that one as a back up.
Also I should mention this thing is built like a tank. It's made of solid, heavy metal material and weighs a little more than you would expect.