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EQs/Enhancers/Boosters for Guitar user reviews

  • MXR M108 10-Band Graphic EQ

    MXR M108 10-Band Graphic EQ - "The best graphic EQ in pedal form. "


    - 10 bands of EQ - Sliders for volume and gain (pre, post) - Top mounted jacks - LED lit sliders! - Powered by 18v adapter - Solid enclosure (heavy!) UTILIZATION If you know what you are doing in terms of EQ, this one is a piece …

  • Danelectro DJ-14 Fish & Chips 7-Band EQ

    Danelectro DJ-14 Fish & Chips 7-Band EQ - "A true sleeper of a pedal"


    The Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ is aimed at taking on the Boss GE-7. It features 7 bands of EQs with a +/- 15dB boost on each frequency. There's also an output slider which helps bring the level to exactly where you need it. Like most of these kind…

  • Boss GE-7 Equalizer

    Boss GE-7 Equalizer - "Beaten by Danelectro?"


    The Boss GE-7 was one of the first pedal equalizers to come into the market. It features a seven band EQ with a +/- 15dB adjustment and and output level slider. Those wanting to shape the tone of their amplifier will want to try a pedal like this i…

  • MXR M108 10-Band Graphic EQ

    MXR M108 10-Band Graphic EQ - "Perfect for sculpting your signature tone!"


    The MXR M108 is a 10-Band equalizer pedal that allows the player to boost or cut 10 different frequencies that most affect the guitar's sound. The unit is built like a brick s**t-house, as most MXR products are. Included with the M108 is a special …

  • Build Your Own Clone Graphic EQ

    Build Your Own Clone Graphic EQ - "MXR is a 125B enclosure"


    The Graphic EQ is one of the newer pedals to come out of the BYOC workshop. It features a ten band EQ, input and output slider all housed in a single 125B enclosure. How they managed to fit this all in there is beyond me. It's crazy cramped inside…

  • Carl Martin 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp

    Carl Martin 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp - "Awesome Parametric EQ pedal "


    This is a parametric EQ for guitar. It comes in pedal form and can be used between an acoustic guitar and a PA or amp. Since it's a rather flexible pedal it can be used on a lot of instruments, like electric violins and electric guitars as well as an…

  • Behringer Graphic Equalizer EQ700

    Behringer Graphic Equalizer EQ700 - moosers's review


    The Behringer Graphic Equalizer EQ700 is a simple seven band equalizer pedal that is designed for use with electric guitar. This pedal is much like the Boss 7 band EQ pedal, and knowing that Behringer reverse engineers their products, I wouldn't be …

  • Ibanez PQ9 Parametric Equalizer

    Ibanez PQ9 Parametric Equalizer - "Ibanez PQ-9"


    This is the purple post 1981 edition of the Ibanez PQ-9 Parametric EQ pedal. I believe the first edition had script writing, the second edition which is the one I reviewed looks like your standard TS-9 Tubescreamer box and then they released a later…

  • Korg PEQ-1 Paramatric EQ

    Korg PEQ-1 Paramatric EQ - mooseherman's review


    This is a parametric equalizer for guitars. It is in pedal form, which is an interesting way to replicate the studio rack parametric EQs. This pedal is not rackable, however. It is unable to be controlled or edited via MIDI or computers. It is an ana…

  • Electro-Harmonix Attack Equalizer

    Electro-Harmonix Attack Equalizer - moosers's review


    The Electro-Harmonix Attack Equalizer is a unique guitar pedal, suitable for use with electronic instruments of all kinds. This is a vintage pedal that is no longer being manufactured. They do have a reissue of the pedal called Knockout, which soun…