MXR EVH90 Phase 90
MXR EVH90 Phase 90

EVH90 Phase 90, Phaser for Guitar from MXR in the Phase 90 series.

ezekielhimself 01/05/2013

MXR EVH90 Phase 90 : ezekielhimself's user review

«  Good effect »

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This is a Phaser, like "phase 90" with good color friend Eddie!
as it says it is a pedal "Phase" and click on it stage! just a big knob on the pedal to set the intensity of the effect, pure analog, true bypass pedalboard put in a brief it fulfills that function, side connections that could not be more simple, input, output a power supply or ability to work the pedal with a 9 volt battery. There is also a button on the top left "script" engaged or not, the sound does not change ... I read on various forums that this feature is supposed to allow the sound deteriorates when multiple pedals are not triggered true to say that is not obvious, not to say non-existent ....


There is a manual, but it is of no use here, we click and it works, turn the knob to stage it more or less, taking less than five minutes hand shows hands after dairy business is like it or not, I personally do not find much difference with the "Phase 90 and Phase 100" from MXR also in the same register there to "Small Stone" from Electro-Harmonix, a bit more "vintage" once again a matter of taste!


effect and effective and of good quality, made for the guitar, it is convincing in its clear saturation, tweaks and it would almost "Eddie" himself, or at least "close to the truth"


I use it for 3 years sporadically, I am generally quite satisfied, the grain is modern in comparison to the "Small Stone" Electro-Harmonix, the downside is that I think it does quite indistinguishable from other "Phase" from MXR, it is a little more expensive because it is the line "EVH" all for a painting is a bit bad, despite this, is a pedal MXR EVH90 quality robust and that sound will delight fans of the genre.