Source Audio Hot Hand Motion Controlled Phaser/Flanger
Source Audio Hot Hand Motion Controlled Phaser/Flanger

Hot Hand Motion Controlled Phaser/Flanger, Phaser for Guitar from Source Audio in the Hot Hand series.

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Source Audio Hot Hand Motion Controlled Phaser/Flanger : Anonymous 's user review


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Source Audio is a young company founded in January 2005 by a group of engineers and targeting at the outset the high-end effects and high tech.
Like Boss, Audio Source offers flagship range of double pedals with this phaser / flanger.

The pedal is available in 2 forms:
- Wired with motion sensor (wired) 250 EUR
- Wireless sensor food by an internal battery (wireless) 430 EUR

The presentation will be attending: the pedal is delivered in a carrying case made of hard plastic with foam thermoformed interior push the exact specifications of the pedal and his cheerful accessories.
The same pedal it testifies to the srieux entrprise: Materials are simple but flattering, solid construction, perfect finish, futuristic and high tech. Algeria and the sensor is being protected as well that does not hit the walls!

Ct effects is nol: 7 + 7 phaser flanger, contrlables via the sensor, or by any external expression pedal (I use a Boss EV-5) , or srrglables on an LFO, but also a "squence" and even an "envelope follower. The whole parameter is infinity with four pRSET (editable) available under the foot! 7 phaser, flanger 7 with 4 operating modes each and the possibility to connect an external expression pedal: 60 prs of possibilities!

The effects on offer are not nimes copies of well known pedals (MXR, A / DA, ...), but come from homes algorithms.

A pedal resolutely upscale, well CONUs, well built. Very "pro".


Operation is simple. The pedal board is incorporated itself in the effects chain like any other pedal. Positioning the sensor on the finger, or anywhere there ... The sensor is Algeria and is soon forgotten.

For the rest it's a pedal like the other ... but which responds to the finger.

The sensor is sensitive and specific on. These parameters are adjustable sr. The contrle effects with the sensor is therefore a real pleasure. High-end I tell you!


You guessed it ... the quality is here again to visit!
Everything is possible, including many new possibilities via the motion sensor but also modes "envelope" and "sequencing".
It may well be closer sr classical sounds but also sounds express indict.

Note also an output "out expression" that sends the signal to a second pedal, but using it as "expression pedal" I saw this good possibility that at Source Audio, but immagine phaser from the LFO control the volume or wah pedal from another audio source!


What a beautiful effect!
Complete and even more, well built, although the sounds of quality presents infinite possibilities and especially indict ...

Although sr: 430 euros! It's expensive! The wired version is cheaper but the "thread leg" is rather limiting.

If you like effects and innovative high-end, and if you have the means, go for it!