Dunlop Poly Pick
Dunlop Poly Pick

Poly Pick, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Dunlop.

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MGR/emauser 05/27/2010

Dunlop Poly Pick : MGR/emauser's user review

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For a while I have been using some grey Dunlop .88mm guitar picks. They are made of nylon and have a lot of tiny bumps on them to help with the grip. I play guitar in the worship band at my church, and these grips help a lot when playing live.

I bought these at Don's Music Land for about $4 for a pack of six.

Like many guitarists out there, I have tried hundreds of different picks. The reason I have stuck with these picks is because of the feel of them. The raised bumps give you a superior grip to the normal flat guitar pick. I never really had a problem with dropping my picks before, but sometimes they would rotate in my hand, but the grip on these picks stops this from happening.

The only thing I don't like about these guitar picks is the fact that they don't come in any cool designs. They are either solid or black. I know it's not that big of a deal, but a little design would be nice.

These picks hold up pretty well. Eventually, like all guitar picks, they wear down a little bit, but I have never had one break or crack, even after playing some live shows.

Overall, this picks won't make a tremendous difference in your playing, but the grip they give does help when playing live shows, or when your hands get sweaty.

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