Dunlop Poly Pick
Dunlop Poly Pick

Poly Pick, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Dunlop.

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MGR/robbie 06/18/2005

Dunlop Poly Pick : MGR/robbie's user review

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i bought these suckers at sam ash, 5 bucks for 25 picks. excellent deal.

they are the best picks i have ever used. they dont wear down easily at all, ive done many guitar slides with the same pick and it would still play well. they are durable in all gages. ive had the same pack for about a year and i still have 15 or so left and i play ALLLLOT.

they're isnt anything i dont like about them.

durable as a mother. my girlfriend chewed one oup for some reason and it played as good as it had before. and out of the package they have a great grip. after a few months it goes away, but thses are some of the only picks that you can actually play for a few months without them craping out on you.

if you dont lose picks often, buy these. they will last a good while. they are the only picks i use anymore that dont break down after hours of playing. they last. i reccomend them for any type of player beginner to pro, death metal to smooth jazz.

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