Dunlop Poly Pick
Dunlop Poly Pick

Poly Pick, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Dunlop.

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MGR/Andrew Rabloczky 01/12/2003

Dunlop Poly Pick : MGR/Andrew Rabloczky's user review

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I buy it all the time I need one. I live in Hungary, I can get it in every guitar store. So I usually buy it in one piece, not in stock. It costs 1 bucks. I use Green Tortex 0.88, Red Tortex 0.50, and Nylon 0.88.

It's quality man, quality! I used to play with Gibson, Fender picks, but after a short I headed to Dunlop picks. Fender brakes, Gibson tears, and reverse. Dunlop is the only pick, that solid,flexible, and comfortable.
Green T 0.88 for fast solos, heavy riffs.
Nylon 0.88 for funk, jazz.
Red T 0.50 for chords.

There's nothing I don't like about it.

Good, I've never could brake or tear any.

I don't use other picks, just JD picks, despite I tried many. It's not just mine opinion, most guitarists say the same.

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