Mesa Boogie Fifty/Fifty
Mesa Boogie Fifty/Fifty
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Guillal 03/09/2005

Mesa Boogie Fifty/Fifty : Guillal's user review


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2x50W power amp all lamps (3x12AX7 and 4x6L6GC).
SETTING THE prsence volume and channel, switch the power on, standby and "high / low" to switch to 2x15W.
At the rear two inputs A and B and 6 outputs, 2 in 8ohms and 4 ohms 4.


Simpler you die ...


I play death metal in the HxC ...
Insert in it, it was a clean hot!
Used with a pod that's really not bad, it gives the cot in the missing pod lampouille ...
Used with distortion pedals like the metal master or tk999 or DS7 ... This is a really good sound, lampiottes are for sth!
WAAAAA used with a lamp pramp engl 530 is the rvlation! The sound I was looking for! he sounds of thunder! The fameu big sound (the fameu;) the single qute the Grail) that everyone is looking, well it's his!


I for 1 year
Most is its simplicity!!

A little nine Cheros (mesa mesa mesaaaaaaaaaAa)

But I have had opportunities to 1100 francs ... the bargain!

I think I would do if I find this case to occas ... Otherwise I would look at a engl 2 / 60, I think ...

Nine nine saw the price, thank you besa moog