Mesa Boogie Fifty/Fifty
Mesa Boogie Fifty/Fifty
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Hamtaro 08/30/2004

Mesa Boogie Fifty/Fifty : Hamtaro's user review


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Mine is the 2002 version with chassis to revisit the war! The creature is made of heavy tle, although the mtal pais, ss air indestructible! The Mesa Boogie reputable not fail on this point. novelty are the two arati supplmentaires the front to cool the indoor transformers situs. In fact there are 3 indoor lamps pramplification type 12AX7 and 4 large power tubes like 6L6 situated horizontally rear, very easy to ACCS, and allows propose a rack of only 2 units when "Marshmal" offers the same thing in format 3 units by arranging the lights vertically (not smart a. ..). Another new one can also make lamps EL34 type by pressing the switch adquate situ the rear, just above the 4 outputs 4-ohm and 8 ohm outputs of the two. For rglages is rather basic: a power switch, one for standby, a volume knob and channel prsence and basta! That's my only regret that there is no more possible as the rglages 90:2 ...


The use is very simple! It connects or baffle (s) to the outputs of the amplifier ensuring not to be up the pole in impdances, it triggers the switch "power" is left heat lamps, one switch activates the "Standby "volumes are mounted, possibly the presence, and we send! the manual is clear and trs provides technical information trs INTERESTED who is who wants it!?! Dsormais we can say one thing it is bte as a power amp ...


For sound, has nothing do with my poor "Marshmal" 8008 transistors all ugly all ugly, wheezy wish ... Now we have a musical sound! Dynamic Submitted, snoring, my sound has changed my life with! The 2x50 watts are not the deception of the goods, a balance sacrment more than my 2x80 watt transistors Previous! We can shake the walls, I love! I guess the only dgts we can do with the version above 2x90 watts ... The key point is to have a cabinet below. My "Marshmal" flange REALLY sound. Discoveries I have the potential and took the vritable measurement capabilities of this amp only APRS his Deputy have a Mesa Boogie Rectifier cabinet for its growing "testostronnquot, (must invent words to adequately dcrire). In my view, do have a cabinet "Marshmal" for two reasons only: THE FIRST is that it's not a lot of tunes (very good reason! ) or that we possde dj amplifiers "Marshmal." Otherwise, turn to Mesa Boogie, Engl, VHT, Bogner et al.


How can we still play on transistor amps? Yet I had the opportunity to play a head Randall Warhead (a must Contents amplification transistors) and the sound did not convince me. For me there's something missing (and not just by the way) which is only found on amps lamps. Certainly it is more expensive but the investment is worth it. Friends guitarists, put your brouzoufs of ct and you could buy your amp lamps, there are only a real!