Nameofsound dB Killer MK2
Nameofsound dB Killer MK2

dB Killer MK2, Guitar Power Attenuator from Nameofsound.

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Yobxx 06/17/2014

Nameofsound dB Killer MK2 : Yobxx's user review

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It is "reducing power" a: a box that is connected between the output of the power amp and speaker => dissipates part of the "power" to limit the striker sent the HP.

The db-killer MK2 is intended for amp 1-150 watts.

An input (to connect to the HP output of the power amp) and two outputs (for connecting 1 or 2 speakers).

3 switch front to combine three levels of attenuation (between -6 and -12 db, specify when ordering as indicated on the website NOS and according to your need mitigation - Personal I taken -12 -12 -6).

It should be specified when ordering on the site NOS, the desired (and therefore characteristic function of your amp and cabinet to connect) impedance.

The device has an internal ventilation self-powered and silent.


Simply connect the speaker cables.


I had read very good reviews on this unit.

I was not disappointed: it makes perfect job. I can now use my Carvin Nomad (all tube 50 watts) in my apartment and repetition, as well as the clean crunch channel (which requires a minimum gain to develop a good sound balance) channel.

The db-killer respects the sound of the amp, even with a strong attenuation of volume! (In my case, I just perceive a slight "buzz" at the same time as the notes played, when the attenuation is maximum and I play at very low volume. Disturbing Nothing good).


I use it with delight, for several weeks.

So actually, it is not cheap (290 euros) but it's downright good job and the price is perfectly consistent in terms of what the competition offers.

Made to order, it comes in a relatively short time: about 10 days.