Nameofsound dB Killer MK2
Nameofsound dB Killer MK2

dB Killer MK2, Guitar Power Attenuator from Nameofsound.

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BassWalker 01/16/2010

Nameofsound dB Killer MK2 : BassWalker's user review

«  Effective and quality. »

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Power Attenuator 100W (200W peak).
This is due to hand the unit to order. So there is a side boutique nice.
The black case is super tough, I would say a kind of steel or alloy injected.
Very well assembled, the worker is meticulous ...
You can jump in with both feet if you want, it should take ...!
Yes, yes, there are concerts that end like that! Well, not every day anyway!
There is no fine serigraphs as in multinational companies, but they're crazy and above there is no need!

I have a 16 ohm version.
So order the version for your amp and your HP.

Then we have an entry for the amp and 2 outputs for 2 cabinets if you wish.
Remember to mitigate at least 6 dB in this case.
4 large rubber feet do not slip.

3 switch from -6 dB each to use as you see fit in any order you like, whatever.
A switch actuated = -6 dB
2 = -12 dB switch actuated
The 3 = -18 dB actuated

The principle and the result, power is divided by 4 whenever actuates a switch.
My amp is 50W, so I:
my 50W when nothing is pressed,
12.5 W-6dB (straightens it still is useful in small scenes)
3.12 W-12dB (at home or train is the ideal power)
0.75 W at-18dB (good for use in apartment)


Ben is not a gas engine ...
It is autonomous, not need power supply, a fan is activated if necessary.


My setup is as follows:
Orange OR50 head amp, 50W.
SG Supreme Guitar glued to a speaker with a ENGL Celestion G12M Heritage.

Except that the deflection of the diaphragm automatically moves less HP at low volume and therefore can not be rendered exactly the same as background, I can tell you that this product meets the grain and color of sound your amplifier:
it is completely transparent and it is rare enough to be stressed.
That's what counts for us guitarists who have spent so much time to choose our amplifier.
I think that there is no secret, for simplicity in this kind of tool is effective!


I use it for 3 weeks. No need to wait longer for an opinion. It is not good or bad.
I had the opportunity to read a lot of issues, opinions and forums on the attenuators.
Most users are pleased, but few people are fully satisfied.

I also had the opportunity to try an SPL Cabulator I did not keep. For him, it is mainly the simulation that HP has not convinced me particularly distal (from clean to mild crunch it could go). I think it does not replace a speaker and his HP is so easy. I will continue to transplant when necessary.
Moreover, it is only 8 ohms. That said, it's a beautiful product that makes 3 in 1 loadbox, power soak and simulator.
By trying too traficotter technically I think you move away from efficiency. But hey, it works anyway and some will find them. For cons, the "purists" probably do not find their account, but maybe I'm wrong ...

Returning to the dB Killer is in my humble opinion one of the best if not the best of my knowledge attenuator.
This is artisanal French, then I say bravo!
You can call the boss for any advice or information, you meet in person. What more?
In all sincerity, I really recommend it.
A nice tool ...

It makes you want to look the same brand of amps that look famous and well built. From my point of view, our brand is not enough known that you must consider before purchasing focused in the high end.