Nameofsound dB Killer MK2
Nameofsound dB Killer MK2

dB Killer MK2, Guitar Power Attenuator from Nameofsound.

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lems00 07/05/2014

Nameofsound dB Killer MK2 : lems00's user review


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Everything has been said!
Power attenuator made in France in order to operate a tube amp without popping ears!
It is very well built, the fan is inaudible and is triggered only when playing. It does not heat and takes up little space.


Super simple, the output of the amplifier to the input of the attenuator and the output of the attenuator to the speaker and that's it, no AC power is self-powered one branch.

The mine is a hyper-30dB so versatile with the 3 switch (-6dB /-12dB /-12dB).


I use a 20W tube amp. After trying several attenuation rate I got the best compromise to-12dB, I can push the master half without altering the sound from-18dB I start to lose too low and I have to push the master , which gives me less clean distortion.


I use it for one week and I do spend more. Ideal for playing at home and have his "lamp".
The ratio Q / P is correct, this is good stuff, it's well thought out and it is made in France, what more!

I remake this choice without hesitation!