Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail
Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail

Holy Grail, Reverb for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix in the Holy Grail series.

Massimo Romeo 12/18/2004

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail : Massimo Romeo's user review


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1 knob (standard in EHX pedals for their compact) which controls the intensity of the effect
a switch that provides access to two types of reverbs and effects original but a little "unnecessary" called flanverb (flanger reverb)
digital technology to be mistaken ... it sounds like the good old analog
connections: IN-OUT - IN Dc 9v adapter provided


I choose my gear based on two characteristics:

- Sound (logical)

with limited intelligence and laziness for its unlimited (there who recognize?;)), I must find my sound right away! that's what makes me love the EHX pedals.
being used to the config of this mark, it took me less than a minute to shop around and find my favorite reverb (similar to the Fender's reverb)


Let's turn the pedal:

provides access to the switch spring reverb: reverb very nice, not too this, ideal for play in
a well-reverberated
Hall reverb with: then it's the super deep reverb, this pedal provides a church!
my engl Ritchie Blackmore (clean with a thunder god) sounds very Fender
with the aforementioned pedal
to flanverb: Yeah .. for those who love ... otherwise it's useless. I would have preferred an alternative

to give more intensity to the reverb, just turn the knob.
where they begin to feel that it is digital technology is when you reach 12. it starts to not sound (feedback, notes incomprehensibility, grain loss from the amp)
ca I have no problem for me because the effect knob to between 10 and 11.

I put a 10 if it had been fitted with a third type of reverb as the default that I just mentioned never arises in 99.9% of users


Right foot to be inserted into the loop before the echo at the end of string.

sound, provided that they remain valid in the field of sound I would say
the price (90 € on average)
the robustness of EHX pedals, indestructible
tranfo the "given"

the -:
shame there not a third type of reverb instead of flanverb ...

if you have € 100 +, go for it rather for the Holier Grail offers more possibilities. (Same hall and spring reverb and all the better)