Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
Electro-Harmonix Cathedral

Cathedral, Reverb for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

Axlslash 11/06/2012

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral : Axlslash's user review

«  Travel time, effective when you need it! »

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I spend the answers, but it is well done overall.


It's EHX: The config-type hazarai et cie, the beautiful row of buttons, there's plenty to do.

However, it is clear, the manual is in the trash, we know that with ehx it takes time to turn the pedal ...


Very pleasant. I bought it because my tweed had no reverb, so I used the preset spring 99% of the time.

This one is good, flerb is interesting. Hall Room and also how Hall in particular is amazing stereo: Take two beautiful clean amps, one at each corner of the room, a stereo delay, and there is incredible.

I can use it for my acoustic plate mode was doing okay.

In short, it does the job when there's need for groundwater and atmosphere, it is the foot.


I sold for various reasons, but I think the repurchase date, or else opt for bluesky.

In braf is the bomb, it is nice on the pedalboard, and sounds.

If you want simplicity, go rather to the other models ehx, this one is dedicated to exploring!