Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
Electro-Harmonix Cathedral

Cathedral, Reverb for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

Gab_ 12/29/2012

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral : Gab_'s user review


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See notice below.


Uses simple, clear manual, ergonomics interesting little reverb pedals help keep the presets, and that's a shame.


Well I do not know what happened with this reverb is an effect which I attach great importance, but I was very annoyed with: spring fashion grail is great, the echo mode is nice. The rest is okay but I was not packed, can be a bit too typical: the lobby is a little hall with concrete walls, the room has walls in boxes, and the platform is a cast iron plate ...
I must admit that I used a Lexicon for years (mpx G2) and the cathedral is clearly well below. Evidenced by the big problems with the blend button: up to 30% of the race I thought it lacked reverb, over 30% of the race there was still too much reverb.
With that said to go into delusions of groundwater psyches, the controls are excellent.


I got 3 months. Eventide changed to a space, and then you do not play in the same league ...