Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Plus
Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Plus

Holy Grail Plus, Reverb for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix in the Holy Grail series.

John Michael 10/14/2008

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Plus : John Michael's user review


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Spring, Hall, Room and Flerb
All-aluminum bodywork, robust, efficient.
Connectors play: INPUT / AMP and Alim 9V (included)


You have a head amp with no reverb?
Yeah, the class of scne or group, you do not feel the difference.
But the training at home or recording, still missing a little something to make up the sound too dull.
That something must be simple and effective, it is not to take the head with a Game Boy, but to play an instrument. And especially the sound and dynamics must be prservs, remain the same, but with reverb.
+ The Holy Grail is a nothing that has, and does so perfectly.
You plug the 3 son (even no place for a cell of any one fawn curse at one time or another) one dose lgrement ... and the fact. A manual? What for? a means, and it's good!


The effects are what is expected of them: a convaicante Spring, who is a Hall, Room a good guy, and yes, that is the only Flerb to look pretty on the case.
Start with a SG, a jazz guitar, you can always find happiness, as on any amp with a good traditional reverb. Shadows of Joe Pass, anything goes within reason.
Obviously, when pummeled with a little saturation, the Reverb "upstream" is not quite the same CHARACTERISTICS Reverb that would be applied to the APRS pramplification. But first, it's not his fault, it is the o can be put. I think with one of distortion pedals should be placed in the position deuxime (vrifier. .. I have no distortion pedals from) APRS. If we use the saturation of the amplifier is a little less empty, but it's all about dosage, and in most cases it does well.


Well, has only a few days, but she missed so much! My little head (amp) in this case an Orange Tiny Terror, which feeds a 12 "Celestion revle finally all his wealth sound.
For the sake (of misguided economists, I pass by a cell before the first price, a home RV600 Beh ... ger, who almost got dgoter the pedals of all time effect: Casing in soft plasticky and thin (nice underfoot!) Economic power supply so that it worked at least 3 seconds before melting ... In short, a toy dummy almost half the price of real . Fortunately trssrieux Euroguitar Lille did not let me in this galre, I could put my rcuprer and buy a real effect: the Holy Grail Plus!
This effect is pro, effectively, without artifice. The words Made in NYC, United is there for something. Obviously, I would do the same purchase.