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The Fredge 09/10/2005

Line 6 Verbzilla : The Fredge's user review


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The algorithm "OCTO" is used to reproduce the "Shimmer" The Edge (U2). Everyone thinks that "With or Without You," "All I Want Is You" and "Sometimes You Can not Make It On Your Own" have a track "synthesizer", but the "shimmer" that comes from his guitar and is the original sound mix. Edge uses an Eventide HE-3000 and expression pedals and "shimmer" comes out of his Fender Blues Junior amp. With Verbzilla you can reproduce the same sound for 5% of the price. On the site you can cost a pieces (SOUNDS: octo).




Guitar: 1996 Fender Telecaster 50th Anniversary + + Epiphone Sheraton Fender Artist Series Stratocaster
AMPS: Vox AC30 1992 1988 + 75 Sessionette
EFFECTS: Korg A3 Korg SDD1000 + + + Boss SD-1 Boss OD2 + Sobbat DB1 + Boss FA-1


Last few days.
I bought specially for the purpose "OCTO".
Great quality great price.