moosers 12/20/2011

Strymon blueSky : moosers's user review


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The Strymon blueSky is an unbelievable reverb pedal. It’s probably the best sounding and most versatile reverb pedal that I’ve used. I only found out about it recently when a friend showed it to me after he got it. I didn’t know anything about Strymon either and I’m glad that I do now. The pedal is a stereo one so it has two ¼” connections for both input and output and is powered by a nine volt power supply. It’s not rackable at all since it’s a stomp box.


It’s going to take some time to fully grasp the Strymon blueSky and to learn everything that it has to offer, which is almost endless. Getting basic sounds is easy but to master it will take some time for sure. I’ve only scratched the surface of the pedal myself since I don’t yet own it. The basic parameters that it has to play with include knobs for mix, pre-delay, high damp, low damp, and decay. It also has three different modes and three different reverb types – plate, room, and spring. The modes add a whole level of versatility including the ability to infinitely sustain notes. I would check out the manual if I just bought this pedal.


The sound of the Strymon blueSky is some of the smoothest reverb I’ve heard come out of any device. It’s stunning how accurate it sounds and what’s more is its amazing versatility between the three reverb types and modes. It has a certain depth to it that I haven’t heard in any pedals before and only seems to be present in the real deal in things like true plate and spring reverbs. Still, it’s not going to sound like a real plate reverb although it’s damn close.


The Strymon blueSky is probably the best sounding reveb unit I’ve used for guitar and is definitely at least in the top three. Sure it’s a pretty penny for a pedal but you’re going to get ultimate control, fidelity, and versatility in your reverb sound. It’s definitely a pro’s pedal but that doesn’t mean others can’t dream about it or at least try it for themselves to see if it’s worth the money.