T-Rex Engineering Room-Mate
T-Rex Engineering Room-Mate

Room-Mate, Reverb for Guitar from T-Rex Engineering.

megalf 09/23/2010

T-Rex Engineering Room-Mate : megalf's user review


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I will not dwell on features which have been well described in other reviews.
In my case I wanted a reverb to go with my head Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with no reverb built.
After hearing the sound reproduction, I integrated into my pedals and I used instead of other intégraes reverb amp. The sound quality is excellent pedal.


In my case cons with my combo Mesa Boogie DC-5 it was necessary that I put it in the effects loop, reverb if does not fire even pottard triturating the gain of the pedal.
But once in the loop is perfect!


I use with guitar, but I have seen on youtube as some utiilisent for voice, which does not surprise me, given the quality of rendering.


I've had a few months, and I do not regret any purchase. Frankly I also have a Lexicon MXP-1 is a bit old, but fairly well known for its reverb, and although the Room Mate has nothing to envy!