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T-Rex Engineering Room-Mate
T-Rex Engineering Room-Mate
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iamqman iamqman

« Fantastic sound »

Publié le 02/14/12 à 16:38
T Rex is a pedal manufacturing company that really builds great sounding pedals for the professional and amateur guitarist. This is a pedal that is a tube power reverb pedal that gives you a great sounding tube reverb sound. There is quite a difference between a digital to analog, and spring reverb units compared to the tube driven reverb units. This is a pedal that gets you a nice sounding tube tone that really fills the air with a crate sounding reverb. Overall this is a great sounding pedal and it has a load of features and options to get you pretty much any sound that you are looking for.


T-Rex Engineering Room-Mate Tube Reverb Guitar Pedal Features:

Four tube-based reverb modes: Spring, Hall, Room, and LFO
Mix, Level, Decay, Mode, Hicut, and Gain controls
Stereo operation
Includes power supply


You have four control knobs of operation to choose from. Your first control knob is the mix which allows you to dial in the effected signal along with the dry signal. This gives you the overall effect within your main guitar tone. Next you have the decay which is how wide and lasting the reverb tone continues to drop off from the signal. Can you have a level control which gives you the overall volume level of this pedal. Next you have a mode control that gives you four types of possible sounds including spring,, Hall, and then a unique sound called LFO setting. Again this is a great sounding pedal and will get you the right amount of reverb for any song or recording that you need.


You can find these pedals for right around $370. That is a load of money for a single unit and especially a reverb pedal. I think a reverb pedal in my opinion shouldn't be more than $200. However this is he tube driven reverb so it's going to give you that organic tube sound that you can only find any tube driven reverb unit. Many times in order to get a tube driven reverb sound you have to buy the reverb tube amplifier. This is the pedal that you would own if you had the money to throw down on a simple reverb pedal. It has a great tone and clarity for most style of reveber in most applications.
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