T-Rex Engineering Room-Mate
T-Rex Engineering Room-Mate

Room-Mate, Reverb for Guitar from T-Rex Engineering.

hicoquine 08/31/2008

T-Rex Engineering Room-Mate : hicoquine's user review


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Reverb pedals numrique but with a lamp (as in the amp lights) two outputs spares (using either a mono or two-in Stereo)
it has a vintage look pretty and classy at the same time and barely larger than a boss!


4 buttons the volume of the reverb, the DGRE treble in reverb, the volume-General for the pedals (not zero-sound at all with the guitar), and select modes
No memory for presets but no need, we find its rglages in the blink of an eye
But I put 9 out of 10 only because bte possde a lamp (which gives the incomparable beauty that reverb!) Who will one day either be changed, so I issue a reserve about this because the lamp air difficult to ACCS and therefore difficult to change ...


The reverb produced by this PDAL is incredible! a warmth and sweetness that I had never before court (I test the rev-3, rev-5, Verbzilla, the holy grail ..) with a bypass transparent really,
I use it with a tlcaster Thinline in a vox ac 30 and it is beautiful!
it includes all four modes gniaux
on the other hand if you want reverb cathedral should not turn to this model, the reverb pedals that are deep enough and long my taste but perhaps not for everyone!


I for a month and I love everything about this pedals (being able to blow or boost the treble with high cut, for example)
CHRE but it is certainly a worthwhile, the concurrency has no chance against the quality of the reverb

AWESOME I tell you!