Van Amps Sole-Mate Jr
Van Amps Sole-Mate Jr
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jamasess 03/30/2014

Van Amps Sole-Mate Jr : jamasess's user review

«  Unfocussed, but undeniably musical »

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it is an analog a spring reverb springs cad

no midi

not publishing it turns and sees

2 Settings:
- Dwell - This controls the amount of gain the dry signal that feeds the reverb circuit,

- Output / Output Level - this controls the level of signal derived from the generating circuit reverb, which is then mixed with the dry signal of the guitar out of the Sole-Mate Jr

electronic circuits conventional analog &

Out in connection
cord of the control block by 2 cinch / RCA male to two females ranging bases Subwoofer reverb remote cord with a 60/70cm a little short in length.

I thought it would be an advantage remote box, but in fact it is not really due to a cord a bit short, because I have a pedal board that is horizontal translation in a cabinet I need a little Deflection and especially the absence of a closed box if only partially on the lower face, to avoid dirt (dust or foreign matter from entering the mechanism itself) and distortion of the mechanism inadvertently long small springs !

this is why normal (not junior) seems well protected version of me and appropriate, but take up more space on a pedal board. but has its own switch for remote control (just to stop walking, then we can not access via the switch on "access and Modified settings, if the block is removed from bp!

j "was quite surprised that the reverb box with no lid, and then leave the springs in the open air, but it can be FICE box at the bottom of a frame or formwork what appears to be his destination .


yes, 2 Settings dwell and output so easy even if all possibilities remain open them!

no edition


effects are to review:

I use it for guitar, she brings a wealth of in the undeniable sounds

in clean or crunch fairly light, it remains workable and certainly very musical and qualitatively impeccable (it's relatively close to a fender 63 tube reverb anyway) but remains much higher than everything that exists even at the price solemate .

Importing crunch, the springs (as described ds record) circuits or springs saturate, and there has been some overflow (saturation) that freeze in a frequency range of mid stamps (turning down the output avoids this phenomenon pronounced high setting it is true, but it is not necessarily the most appropriate use either.

His favorite area remains clean or slightly crunches (jazz / blues eg.) Where you can really make great auditory pleasures!

Very good, but just a quality spring, it is the antithesis of a hardwire RV7 with 7 modes but also other less musical.


for 1 month

the hardwire RV7 too clinical and cold,
of the wet NEubaer does not please me
The theory of Subdecay too clairette
The reverb hermida not bad but less musical than the solemate
Dr scientist Plei reberator nd possibilities but no spring and I did not like
The Jackson no better than Hermida
The Lovepedal Hermida reverb, a Reedit the initial Hermida Audio Reverb not bad
THE MR black Supermoon too typical 60's fashion frv1
LA made a little num 'stiff Mad Professor Silver Spring
THE boss Frv1 tro ptypée and restrictive and aggressive acute mid ds

THE construction is a little more DIY craft correct without being critical so long, but I expected the brand and reputation of Van Amps to a better finished product flattering plush anything but fortunately it is the musicality, though this!

R / P / Q: price seems pretty overrated to me, the correct manufacture but not protection box next spring reverb.

I will not repeat that choice despite the fact that it is not very musical but not sublime, I think point me to the space (for invest a bit higher) is certainly less vintage, but much richer in possibility and nothing dropping terms of sheer musicality and opportunities and settings and much more extended modes (9 reverb.)