TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
TC Electronic PolyTune Mini

PolyTune Mini, Tuner/Pitch Pipe/Tuning Fork from TC Electronic in the Polytune series.

maynaard 06/28/2013

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini : maynaard's user review

« Small, precise »

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I've been using it for four months. I bought it because I was tired of having to unplug my guitar every time I had to tune it.
I chose the mini version for its price (which is less expensive than the normal version).
The polytune function to tune all 6 strings at once is very practical and fast, but maybe a bit less precise than string-by-string. Nevertheless, it's prefect to tune quickly between two songs.
I've had several tuners (Korg DT-10, Korg DTR-1000, Korg Pitchblack) and I have never been disappointed by the precision of any of them. The main differences have to do with the finish and the sturdiness of the pedal and the switch.

It's a good tuner. If I ever have the chance, I'll get the normal version, which must have a bigger display and dimensions (my pedalboard is pretty big and the mini looks really tiny on it).