Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal
Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal
RawDeltaBlues 10/10/2013

Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal : RawDeltaBlues's user review


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Wah-Wah pedal and analog Fuzz (1976 require), no connection to a transformer but there easily remedied ...


A switch to enable / disable the fuzz, another to change the tone of the fuzz, 2 and Depth knobs Balance acting as a gain and volume and a switch under the pedal to activate / deactivate the Wah ...


The Wah-Wah has a very (too) large amplitude between treble and bass, but it's easily rectified if you do not find it to his liking. The Fuzz is very loud, very heavy in "Dark" mode (call it that), it looks like it is coupled to an octaver. In "Bright" mode, it is perfect, big and sustain good screamer for solos Hendrixiens on steroids, rhythm are well supported. I use a Gretsch and Fender amps. At higher volumes it is perfect but "wins" not bad at low volume, it's a pedal scene. A transistor, I would refrain from comments ...


Difficult to compare to other Fuzz, each is unique, but I definitely put on top of the basket with Mica and Russian BigMuff the big time. I use some of the Wah except as a pedal tone (like Jimmy Page I think). Use the Fuzz Wah and at the same time is not recommended, but everyone does according to his taste in music ...