Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal
Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal
Saint Grawal 02/18/2005

Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal : Saint Grawal's user review


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Analog Fuzz + trs simple design a reverse wah (bass pedals sticks, sharp pedals over, it's not a mistake, like I have three l.
Between an output, a cover for the battery (no power supply sector.
This time it's the vintage that spot.


Super easy to use.
A knob for the rate of one for a Fuzz effect level.
The snaps like a wah Cry Baby enfonant in the background pedals.
The Fuzz engages with a switch, a switch is deuxime change the sound of the Fuzz.


The wah is fun and the fact that the play requires cblage be reversed ie, the coup there are new applications of wah.
The Fuzz is the main intrt the pedals.
The first mode is absolutely serious with telluric Submitted trs and grain really standard. The deuxime approaches a octavia which s'avre trs be interesting solo.
Hard to believe that the PDAL has thirty years as the sound it produces is standard. Specially true, but standard. Lgre microphone when the same trend.


I use this kind of Fuzz for six years now. I have four absolutely identical with no more than a wah. I did a little Reserved cee such as pedals is no longer manufactured. I just achte prs a year (no kidding), so if I use the breaks, I take another. In addition they do not sound like a copy of the other, each has its personal. I use normment of pedals, including studio, but I never leave without one of my Ibanez Fuzz. (I'm not hypnotize nan