Morley Pro Series Wah
Morley Pro Series Wah

Pro Series Wah, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Morley in the Pro Series series.

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pedroblack 05/24/2014

Morley Pro Series Wah : pedroblack's user review

«  Very comfortable with distortion »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Wah pedal designed and manufactured in the USA
Analog Technology
A photo-sensitive cell acts as a potentiometer.
Jack In and Out, and taken 9Vdc door for 9V battery.
A priori not True Bypass (tiny color sound without actual loss level).
Indestructible pedal.


Extremely simple, like any wah, there is no secret: flexion / extension of the ankle and voila, with a leg cast is actually more complicated ...
Left in a base control sets the level of the effect (as its name indicates LEVEL) and right base, the on / off switch to enable / disable the effect.
This offset switch the pedal stroke avoids the nags cut effect in the middle of the solo.


The wah has no taste or vintage voice of Clyde McCoy or CryBaby, however it seems to me that this was not the objective of Morley. Its quality lies in the linear and progressive (as opposed to what I've read about it) the effect.
It is particularly well adapted to distortions even more disgusting. That said the limit gives a rather loud sound without being tinny.
Moreover, if many think it is not made for funk, this is not my opinion, if you work your sound correctly downstream, it adapts easily.
Its strong point is, in my view, the possibility to use frequency filter.
Regarding the knob LEVEL: it did not seem to me very effective but we can manage without worries about the switch, it is not silent, but clearly audible plop low volume, drowning quickly if the amp is pushed to burne.


My first wah ... a rock-solid with quasi-immortal components (opto-sensitive cell crachotera never compared with a conventional potentiometer). I kept 17 years
A personality of its own (fans hendrixiens sounds, go your way) very oriented distorted sounds.
Price / quality great considering the fact that it buys today exclusively used in € 40.
With the experience I would do this choice? I never really understand this question ... but if you consider that I sold because I did used it more, it would seem not. That said, my style approaching more rock and blues-rock seventies, it makes sense.
Now, it remains an excellent investment for falling in love by trying (yes it is nice the opinion of so and so but it will never be worth a good old test IRL).