Morley Pro Series Wah
Morley Pro Series Wah

Pro Series Wah, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Morley in the Pro Series series.

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Crapy-jr 12/28/2005

Morley Pro Series Wah : Crapy-jr's user review


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- A switch on / off
- 1 knob to adjust the intensity of the wah
- PDAL optics has


Very easy to utilisatoin, onregle the level of the effect
is lit and we play
one can even, with practice, adjust the wah foot


Trs good for mtal and sound distortion,
effective with all types of distortion (as some like wah cry-baby does not necessarily Grente trs well the frequencies of some fuzz)
It is less clear in its convaicante, not for the funky tip top
deuxime snag the first version of the switch SERIES morley bed in the amp, inaudible noy in dito, it will be noted in the clear, or if you dclenche without playing over (a habit take)


The first wah I had in my life it Yadji 14,
always in perfect state of operation of malrgr trs many users (sometimes amme the ground outside),
always as reliable as beginners, some of the most affordable wah current
trs good investment