Vox V847 Wah-Wah Pedal
Vox V847 Wah-Wah Pedal
MGR/Nick C. 01/03/2003

Vox V847 Wah-Wah Pedal : MGR/Nick C.'s user review

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I got together $100 and went to my local Guitar Center where I bought it for that much plus a little tax.

This pedal is a solid wah pedal with a tone you can't get from those other pedals that allow you to turn the little knobs and tweak your settings. After comparing to other wah pedals, even the Clyde McCoy Vox wah, it still had the best tone without having any fancy additions. Some may complain about how it doesn't have true bypass, but when you turn it off the sound is only a little bit more trebly than if you don't plug it in at all. The cool thing about this is that you have to turn your treble down anyways, because if you don't, your wah will be too bright. So in the long run, everything balances out.

The definite worst thing about this pedal is the fact that it doesn't have a 9-volt adapter ability. I've worked around this problem, because I have a pedal board that has an adapter for a 9v battery, and I can just take that into the pedal by leaving a little space open on the bottom plate. For everyone who doesn't have such a convenient option, I suggest you look around for an adapter like mine (I haven't made an effort to find one, but there's bound to be one somewhere) or to just bite the bullet and use batteries... this pedal is definitely worth it.

This pedal is tough and it's made of metal and everything... it won't break, and I haven't heard of anyone having such a problem as well.

This wah rules, go out and buy it.

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